Lotte Scheutz
I have worked as a script consultant and dramaturg in film and TV-fiction since 1988. For a number of years in DR/TV-Fiction and from 2000 independently and on a freelance basis, both in and outside of Denmark.

My approach to the work is of course analytical, but initially I see it as my key task to identify the core of the project in respect to the writer’s/director’s intentions, and progress from there.
 The right structure is the foundation for creating “the good story”, but being a dramaturg or script consultant is not only about making red marks or clarifying plot points.

The cooperation with the writer (and others) is vital in order to develop plot, characters and structure into a harmonic, entertaining, moving and hopefully even unpredictable film or series, which sets an original perspective of the theme and intensions of the story.

 The cooperative effort in clarifying the story’s characters, theme, genre, philosophy etc. is crucial in optimising the script and establishing a common language and generate ideas. At the same time it is in the first phase of this process one discovers whether there is a basis for a progressive and creative work. It is, in all states of the creation of a film/ TV- fiction, a work, which demands respect for the writer’s/director’s integrity.

I work on all levels, from developing ideas, synopses, treatments and scripts, to writing reports. Reports are also suited for producers and/or institutions and companies, who want an overall assessment of a script. In general it is my experience that a written report, which presents my perception of the story, it’s strengths, potentials and weaknesses or alternatively a short meeting, is beneficial in the beginning of a process, in order to clarify to which extend you have a common understanding and language for the future cooperation.

Should you find this brief introduction to my work and approach appealing and be in the need of a consultant, you are always free to contact me.